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  Some highlights of the Lambda CC include:

  • OLED display
  • Variable temperature (200-300°C)
  • Variable “smoking” time
  • Self-cleaning
  • 3200mAh battery
  • USB-C charge port

It seems that the good folks over at Shenzhen Original Technology Co. have taken a leaf out of the vaping industry handbook. One of the early “big” advancements was temperature control (or limitation, whichever your viewpoint), so it isn’t really a big surprise to see that make its way into heat-not-burn devices. It was also one thing I noted in the review of the Lambda T3 was the heating settings – high and, of course, standard; and how each mode fared. Bottom line was, the high setting was too much, while standard was subdued.

Naturally, with any new product, I was eager to get my grubby little mitts on the device and put it through its paces.

In the Box

Lambda CC box contents

As you would expect with any new heat-not-burn device, you get the usual accessories – a cleaning brush, a USB cable – though in this instance it is a USB-C cable like the IQOS3 Multi, not a micro USB as is the norm for most other devices – along with a manual. Strangely, there weren’t any cleaning swaps included. Not that it mattered to me as I have plenty from previous reviews.

The Review

Lambda CC and packet of HEETS

Being that the Lambda CC is the second device I’ve seen from Shenzhen Original Technology, I had certain expectations about the quality of the device (even though I’ve commented on it before, I’m rarely fussed about the box itself, once opened it rarely hangs around). Given the Lambda T3 was aluminium (with or without tempered glass), I was expecting something similar. Instead I was greeted with a rubberised casing. In all honesty, I prefer that over aluminium. It just feels better in the hand. Plus, it’s not so much of a smudge-magnet. As an all-in-one device it is, just like the SLS CP in my previous review, up against the King of all-in-ones – the IQOS 3 Multi.

Going up against the IQOS 3 DUO, while somewhat unfair given the budget of PMI, is an honour for the smaller manufacturers; it means they’re doing something right.

All the key features of the Lambda CC feel sturdy and well made. I’ve been hauling this thing to and from work the past fortnight, it’s been dropped in the centre console of the car, stuffed in pockets and it’s remarkably unscathed. So, far so good.

The OLED display is a bloody Godsend. Particularly for the battery level. Not that you’ll be charging that often if you’re not a heavy user, but I’ll get to that in a bit. The display is clear and shows all the relevant information including:

  • Stick count
  • Current “smoking” time
  • Current temperature (in °C)
  • Battery level
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