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BONDS Device for Blends

BONDS Device for Blends

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The new compact device for authentic tobacco taste.

It is heated  not burned

BONDS by IQOS heats tobacco

instead of burning it. Say goodbye to the ash and cigarette smoke smell.

Authentic tobacco taste satisfaction

 Enjoy a variety of heated tobacco variants.

All-in-one device

Pocket-size, all-in-one device.

Unlock better

BONDS by IQOS is a new compact device from IQOS, the world’s #1 tobacco heating system*. It heats tobacco instead of burning it and unlocks an authentic tobacco taste without ash and cigarette smoke smell.

* PMI global estimate of total In-Market Sales of the Heated Tobacco category in units as of March 2022 (excluding China and US).


  • Slate Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Ocean Blue
  • Ruby Red 
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