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A UVC LED lid that is multipurpose: Use it for your spoon and fork, toothbrush, milk bottles, cup, tumblers, bowl, and mug.

BACTERIA FREE WITH UV LIGHT: Clinically proven to prove to kill up to 99% of germs in just seconds! Destroys odor causing bacteria and mold in an instant.

SAFETY DESIGN: Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye burns, the UV-c sanitizing light will never turn on when the tilted over 5 degrees.

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The sterilizer’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to take along with you wherever you go – holidays, visits to relatives etc.

CLEAN WHATEVER FITS: While we have built a station for sanitizing baby bottles,you can sanitize whatever fits the lid. From baby dishes and baby bowls to coffee mugs and travel cups.

WORRY-FREE DISINFECTION: No water rinse required, no harsh chemicals found in traditional surface disinfectants and cleaners. Will neither produce ozone/steam/heat nor deform the object during use.19 seconds fast sterilization– 180 seconds for sterilization and odor Reduction seconds– Easy to bring anywhere. Slim, lightweight (with only 99 grams) and rechargeable– Reddot design award (International Design Competition for Product Design)– Molds-free storage container after sterilization. Ozone-free– Auto-Stop Once Overturn;

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Full Power Usage Frequency: 19S sterilization = 140 times; 18S