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• Camera+VSLAM+SLAM Navigation.

• Camera recognize hundreds of objects to location itself, then do map navigation and accurate position.

• Excellent software (Quad-core), Over 98% Cleaning Coverage.

• Sound On/Off. Choose the Voice on or off on APP.

• Remote Upgrade. Your robot will never be too old to use! Upgrade your robot to latest software with latest technology.

• Main brush. Dual Anti-Twinning Side brush. Nidec Motor.

• same as i-Robot

•Electric Controlled Water Tank Pump Controlled.

• 3 Level Water Speed Adjustable: Slow/Normal/Quick.

• 3 Level Suction Power Adjustable: Mute/Normal/Max Cleaning.

• Obstacle On/Off. Over 1 cm obstacle, you can choose let it cross or not.

• Save History Map. X6 robot remember your room's map after first time completed cleaning.

• Point Where, Clean Where. Instruct your robot go to anywhere on the map to clean• Software Virtual Wall. Maximum set 4 virtual wall on APP.

• Break point Continue Cleaning. You can choose let X6 working after full charge, or not working on APP.

• Set cleaning area as you want